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This page should it easier to find the video and other online resources for each recorded talk. For the time being at least, the video links are to the Twitter posts from @LeenVanBroeck with the videos embedded.

The conference’s hashtag was drawingonthepast.

Many speakers and attendees live tweeted some or all of the talks, including co-organisers @ZenaKamash and @KJSoar.

Particularly comprehensive Twitter threads of both days were produced by Nicholas Thorp @art_egyptology and can be found here (day 1 and start of day 2) and here (day 2 part 2) and here (day 2 part 3) and here (day 2 part 2).

The rather splendid Minimus, sidekick of Dr Helen Forte (@minimus_latin), was also present at the conference, and did some live-drawing of day 1 which I have added to the relevant talks. Here he is expressing his sense of wonder at the brutalist beauty that is Senate House in the morning.

Here is a blog post by Leen (@LeenVanBroeck) for the Institute of Classical Studies blog. Here is one written by Dr Sonya Nevin, one of our speakers.

Day One – Monday 10 September 2018

10.00     Dr Chris Bishop
The Silver Surfer (Odysseus redux)
Link to Minimus’
graphic abstract.

10.30     Dr Charlotte Northrop
Comic Reception and Engagement in the Digital Age: the case study of Happle Tea
@charlienorthrop (
link to Twitter profile)
Link to Mimimus’
graphic abstract.

11.00     Dr Tony Keen
‘In our midst … an immortal!’: Hercules in 1960s Marvel comics
@TonyKeen46 (
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here for Minimus’ graphic abstract.

11.30-11.50  BREAK

11.50     Dr David Anderson
“The Aliens from 2,000 B.C.!” – Or, How Comic Books Have Paved the Way for Pseudoarchaeology
@DSAArchaeology (
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here for Minimus’ graphic abstract.

12.20     Zofia Guertin
Creating comics illustrations for public engagement in Roman Aeclanum: comics as pedagogical tools for discussing social inequality and female representation
@ZofiaAstraid (
link to Twitter profile)
here for Minimus’ abstract.

12.50     2 x 5 min posters:

Dr Sonya Nevin – Marathon
here for Minimus’ graphic abstract.
@SonyaNevin (
link to Twitter profile)

Charo Rovira – Imagining a city. Rome in history comics
here for Minimus’ graphic abstract.

14.00     Glynnis Fawkes
The Homeric Hymns in comics form
@glynnisfawkes (link to Twitter profile)

This talk was not live-streamed.
here to see Minimus’ graphic abstract for this talk.

14.30     Dr Dan Potter
“Doctor Fate and the Blood of the Pharaohs”: The Reception of Ancient Egypt in Comics
@DanPotterEgypt (
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here for Minimus’ graphic abstract.

15.00     Dr Eva Miller
Making Sargon Great Again: Reuse and Reappropriation of Ancient Mesopotamian Imagery in Fan-Art, Iconography, and Visual Storytelling of the Alt-Right
This talk is not available for re-streaming.
here for Minimus’ graphic abstract.

16.00     KEYNOTE
               Dr Hannah Sackett and John Swogger
Making Archaeological Comics: A Practical Workshop
Video of Dr Helen Forte’s output
Click here for Minimus’ graphic abstract (Dr Helen Forte)
@DrHComics (Hannah) (link to Twitter profile)

Day Two – Tuesday 11 September 2018

09.30     Murray Dahm
A Hero for All: Beowulf in comics
@Murray_Dahm (
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10.00     Prof James Hegarty
Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha: from Ancient South Asia to Contemporary Japan and Back Again

10.30     Dr Guillaume Molle
The Myth of Mu or the Negation of Indigenous Identities: the Representations of Pacific Islanders Traditional Cultures in European Bande Dessinée Pacific Islanders
@molleguillaume (
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11.20     Dr Giacomo Savani
Hannibal’s Hound: Animality and the Reception of Classical Antiquity in Andrea Pazienza’s Storia di Astarte
@GiacomoSavani (
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11.50     Dr Michael Goodrum and Jordan Newton
“How would you like to go back through the ages – in search of yourself?”: Time Travel Comics & the American Century
@BroomKing (Mitch) (
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Mitch co-convenes the Oxford University TORCH seminar on comics: @TORCHComicsOx (
link) and web

12.20     Charo Rovira and Richard Wakeman
A place of mystery and wonders: the British Museum in comics

14.00     Dr James Townshend
“Fighting evil by moonlight; quoting Virgil by daylight”: An unexpected reference to Virgil in Sailor Moon
This talk was not live-streamed.

14.30     Dr Sonya Nevin
Our Mythical Childhood (European Research Council-funded project)
@SonyaNevin (
link to Twitter profile)
Project website:

15.00     3 x 5-10 minute posters:

Dr Karen Pierce – Defining Helen’s beauty: drawing “the face that launched a thousand ships”
@Darklecat (link to Twitter profile)
(Poster PDF)

Kristin Donner and Dr Laura K. Harrison – Mix, mold, fire! An exploration of the chaine operatoire through the eyes of an apprentice potter
@harrisonlhk (
link to Twitter profile)
Kristin_paints (
link to Instagram profile)

John Swogger – Strange and Present Lives: Depicting the “other-ness” of prehistory in community heritage comics